Artificial Turf for dogs

ARC 4Pets is Artificial Turf for Dogs.  Our Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf is Safe, Non-Toxic, Durable and Provides the Perfect Yard for Your Pets.

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ARC 4Pets

“Best investment ever! Literally life-changing! I can play ball with my dog in her own backyard for the first time in her life! I didn’t realize how much the old yard stressed me out until it was gone. No more dirt in the house. No more pollen, the list goes on and on. The ARC team were courteous, clean and professional. We highly recommend ARC Design Landscape. “

Dohn Westberg  San Diego  

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Question #1:

Is Fake Grass Safe for Dogs?

ANSWER: Our fake grass for dogs is absolutely safe!  The exclusive “ARC 4Paws Turf System” is designed with advanced materials that are non-toxic and safe.  That means our synthetic grass for dogs will be a beautiful green space for your dogs to play and relax, without you having any worries about health and safety. 

HYPOALLERGENIC: Natural grass and dogs don’t always mix well, leading to allergies and skin irritations.  ARC 4Pets is Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf that is hypoallergenic, eliminating virtually all worries about irritations or allergies. 

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Question #2:

What About Odors?

ANSWER: NO ODORS, EASY CLEAN UP.  Using ARC 4Pets Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf and Installation Systems, there are no worries about lingering odors. Our advanced drainage system and special anti-odor infill material ensures that any odors are washed away by the rain or an occasional spray of water.  Your dog won’t notice its not grass, but you’ll appreciate the evergreen beauty of our pet friendly artificial turf.

Question #3:

Is Turf Too Hot for Dog Paws?

ANSWER:  NO. Our ARC 4Pets Dog-Friendly Artificial Turf is Temperature Safe.  Our 4Paws Turf Technology, including professional installation and infill materials, work to keep turf temperatures low so paws step on comfortable green lawn. 

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Why Choose ARC 4Pets . . .
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ARC 4Pets

Getting Started

Free Design Consultation, Estimate, & Site Evaluation

You want an accurate estimate on a great design that fits your pet needs,  yard and budget.  That is why we give you a Free Estimates & Design Consultation.    These no-obligation services are provided by our Artificial Turf Experts and include a Site Evaluation. 

lets Make a Difference . . . Together

When You Choose ARC 4Pets, Up to $1,000 Goes to Your Choice of Pet Charities

When you purchase ARC 4Pets Pet-Friendly Turf as a part of your Artificial Turf or Landscape Design & Installation project, we will donate $300 to your choice of ARC approved San Diego area 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue or Animal Welfare organizations.  And, we will donate an additional $100 for every friend or neighbor you refer who chooses to get an Estimate and Design Consultation from us.  (Maximum total donation $1,000. )

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5 Star Reviews

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