Crescent Eclipse

Developed in collaboration with esteemed exterior designer Manuella Melchert in Los Angeles, this fixture is designed to blend seamlessly into landscapes, providing a minimalist yet powerful lighting option for pathways and entrances.


The Crescent Eclipse In-Ground Well Light, a distinguished innovation by ARC Design Landscape, offers a sophisticated lighting solution beyond traditional path and bollard lights. Available in brass or black brass.


  • Sophisticated Design: Designed with minimalist aesthetics in mind, the Crescent Eclipse casts an upward beam of light, reflecting off the top faceplate to disperse light in a 180° angle, effectively brightening walkways and entry points.
  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from high-quality solid brass, with a weathered black finish on both the body and faceplate, this fixture is built to last and withstand harsh outdoor environments.
  • Sealed for Protection: Features a thick rubber gasket for a watertight seal and a completely sealed lower canister, along with a waterproof pressure fitting on the lead wire, ensuring maximum protection against water ingress.
  • Versatile Installation: Includes a heavy-duty PVC well light sleeve for robust housing of the brass fixture, making it a reliable choice for pathway illumination.

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